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Belgian Escorts for Euro fans

Like Belgian waffles, Belgian escorts are simply irresistible! But then you would have to try one to truly understand what we’re talking about. There is no particular size, shape or colour to the companions we represent from Belgium, they’re blonde, brunette, tall, petite and all the other categories you can think of, but they are fabulously European. Book today!

What is it about Belgian escorts?

There’s something about those Euro girls that gets gents in the UK all a dither; make no mistake about it. And the beauty of those sensual escorts from Belgium is that they have a great mixture of French, Dutch and German in them and it makes for a simply intoxicating, cultural mix. These young women are so entertaining to be around you’re going to want to see them time and time again; well, we sincerely hope so of course!

When in London, eat like the Belgians

If you’re from Belgium you might be missing home a little whilst you’re over here. If this is the case, or even if it isn’t, you may be interested to know that London is home to one of the finest Belgian restaurant chains you’re ever likely to have the pleasure of visiting. Belgo are the ones to deliver fine cuisine, cooked to a standard you’re hardly going to believe when you taste it. The atmosphere is fantastic and there’s only one thing that could make it better: a Belgian escort!
There are so many things about going out to eat with a woman that you must find enjoyable, and not least important among them is what your young companion looks like. European women like the ones you see here are renowned for their sultry, erotic look, often with high cheekbones and fantastic figures. Pert breasts and proportioned hips and bottom are a must! Of course there is more than the body to indulge in, believe it or not. These companions are also highly intelligent, sophisticated and very well spoken; most fluent in English.
The best thing about booking one of these handpicked women through an escort agency is that you’re going to get the best of the best; they have to meet a very strict set of criteria!

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