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Evelyn's Review 3
3 reviews
Date of visit 17 Nov 2017
Time of visit 05:25 PM
Duration of visit 1.5 Hours
Looks 5 of 10
Performance 7 of 10
Reviewer Ken
Comment First of all the looks she looks older than the pictures when i saw her she had her make up on to look younger but i can still see the wrinkles anyway onwards to the performance despite the physical looks she couldnt keep up with the session but did allow me to have a 3rd pop which was great.
25 yrs
Baker Street NW1
34C Bust size
Eastern European
GFE, OWO, FK, Party Girl, Toys, Role Play
Evelyn's Review 2
Date of visit 18 Aug 2016 Review by: Nico
Time of visit 05:30 PM seriously hot Italian with an arse to die for, fantastic technique even if it was covered oral, a seriously hot naughty secretary, well worth a visit
Duration of visit 30 min
Looks 8 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
Evelyn's Review 1
Date of visit 22 Apr 2015 Review by: Ramon
Time of visit 04:50 PM I had crush on my colleague and was looking for a girl who could fulfill my fantasy. She arrived in my apartment as hot secretary and we really had a great time together. She has a great figure; looks like younger version of Sofia Viagra. She is definitely worth a visit.
Duration of visit 2 Hours
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
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