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Leisha's Review 1
1 review
Date of visit 18 Jun 2015
Time of visit 09:05 PM
Duration of visit 3 Hours
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
Reviewer Kungfu_champ
Comment I am from China and it was my first trip to London. I booked lia as my and we really had a great time together. We visited best places in the city and later had a blast in her apartment. She is really sweet girl; looked awesome in lingerie. I just couldn’t get over her soft body and her beautiful lips. Spend 3 nights with her kissing, hugging and lots of other adventurous activities. Worth a visit for solo travellers
23 yrs
Marylebone NW1
34B Bust size
Eastern European
Slim Naughty
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