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Jordan's Review 1
1 review
Date of visit 18 Sep 2018
Time of visit Time of Visit
Duration of visit 1.5 Hours
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
Reviewer Scorpio
Comment She likes to take pride in her body. Jordan, for the name most use with a man, is a beautiful young woman that looks even more beautiful in red. Her hair is perfect, her body is perfect and her eyes are perfect too. But the most important thing about her is, she is not afraid. She is ready to do what she wants for whatever reason she wants and she does know how to please a man, again and again, for as long as she can before finally giving up. Now that is beautiful.
21 yrs
Bayswater W2
36B Bust size
Eastern European
Petite Slim Couples Party
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