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Freda's Review 3
3 reviews
Date of visit 30 Oct 2019
Time of visit 09:30 PM
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 9 of 10
Performance 9 of 10
Reviewer Gladallover
Comment Freda is a charming girl and a sexy beast in the bed. She is just kinky enough to excite you and has lots of energy like a battery that doesn't run down. She has a very open-minded approach and is quite friendly. I loved her soft boobs and beautiful lips. Her lips were wonderful to watch during OWO. Her body was a garden of pleasure and her ass was beautiful during our doggy position. We must hook up again.
25 yrs
Marble Arch W1
(Busty) 34D Bust size
Enhanced Breast Selfie Model
Freda's Review 2
Date of visit 02 Aug 2019 Review by: LondonBob
Time of visit 18 I wanted a tall Blonde with big boobs. I booked Freda for an hour. She is super sexy. Her buttocks are good sized and round. Her boobs are big and her lips are full and sexy. I loved her boobs, so big and jiggly and fun to fondle. Her skin is smooth and she takes care of her body. She's in great shape. We had a lovely 69 that lasted over half an hour. She was clearly excited. We finished with a fantastic OWO. I will most certainly book her again. Highly recommend.
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 10 out of 10
Performance 9 out of 10
Freda's Review 1
Date of visit 07 Jul 2019 Review by: Hudson
Time of visit 5:00 PM Freda has a gorgeous body, my impression of her was good because she knew how to please her man and give him what he needs. I never felt that her mind was wandering or she did not enjoy the time with me, rather, it felt as if she genuinely enjoyed having me with her. I also liked her striptease, which when combined with the spicy cop dress was incredibly enticing. All in all, it was a good time spent.
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 9 out of 10
Performance 8 out of 10
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