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Olivia's Review 4
4 reviews
Date of visit 27 Mar 2018
Time of visit 06:30 PM
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
Reviewer Oliver
Comment She is a very special lady and was an absolute delight from the moment I stepped through the doors, looking gorgeous and very desirable in that sexy attire she wore. Her body is tall and exceptional, and she is a really friendly and passionate woman. Great experience!
21 yrs
Marylebone NW1
34C Bust size
COB, DT, Toys, Role Play
Olivia's Review 3
Date of visit 13 Nov 2017 Review by: John
Time of visit 07:00 PM I can say she’s unbelievable she’s really kind and you fall in love with her character.
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
Olivia's Review 2
Date of visit 27 Jul 2017 Review by: Johnny
Time of visit 06:10 PM Speechless completely! This gal was stunning as well as a huge surprise for me. Completely bewildered by her mesmerizing smile and her ardent behaviour. I was like nice girl, why did I choose her from the eternity website before? It's a big loss. I liked it, everything about her and whatever she had to offer me. She's a sweet-heart, always ready to oblige and be of service to you. This is the best thing about her. You'll love too, no word called 'No' on her lips and her beauty is personified and eye-catchy.
Duration of visit Overnight
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
Olivia's Review 1
Date of visit 24 Jul 2017 Review by: Stany
Time of visit 02:05 AM She's a black-haired angel, lovely and well-mannered from head to toe. I loved spending time with her, more than any other girl I've dated in the past. She's so sweet, but doesn't sound artificial at all, as I feel she's truly sweet from her heart, so she needn't act like others. Life is a merry-go-round for her, many things may come and go, but nothing should affect us so much that it's able to change our attitude, our attitude should remain the same, whatever changes happens in our lives. For example she says: If a man becomes rich overnight and starts acting proud to all around him from the next day onwards, then that money is of no use, as it has influenced that person's attitude and that's bad, actually according to her then you are supposed to throw out that thing, but in this case since it's money, then you can give it to the poor.
Duration of visit 1.5 Hours
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10