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Samba's Review 1
1 review
Date of visit 17 Feb 2019
Time of visit 07:30 PM
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 8 of 10
Performance 8 of 10
Reviewer Charles
Comment There was an elegant and mysterious aura surrounding Samba, I could never tell what she was thinking. Nevertheless, she had a gorgeous sleek body, long limbs, and a natural bust. I like women that know how to manage their natural bodies in a way that makes their individuality beautiful. Samba’s looks were unique and memorable. She had a panther-like disposition that made the roleplay and lap dance sexy and dangerous. Granted, I only got her for a short while and was not able to enjoy many of her skills. I would love to get this woman again.
22 yrs
South Kensington SW7
34B Bust size
Eastern European
Party Prostate Massage Uniforms
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