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Issabelita's Review 2
2 reviews
Date of visit 12 Feb 2019
Time of visit 01:00 PM
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 9 of 10
Performance 9 of 10
Reviewer Blake
Comment Wow! What a charming girl. Issabelita had gorgeous assets, albeit, you could tell they were fake. Nonetheless, they felt as amazing and soft as the real ones. She had a sweet and caring personality. Not once did I feel that I was not getting my money’s worth. Our meetup started with a sexy lap dance with music she selected, I gave her that choice because I wanted to see her best moves. Boy, I was so fired up at the end of the dance that I could not wait to see her body and touch it in all ways known to man. I am definitely going to get her again when I need to release my pent-up energy.
22 yrs
Warren Street W1
34C Bust size
Eastern European
Party Petite
Issabelita's Review 1
Date of visit 23 Aug 2018 Review by: Knightsbridge Guy
Time of visit 01:00 PM For a name so long, she definitely matches it with her skills. I didn’t know why I chose her first as I just scrolled down and decided her, but judging by the fact that she smoked, knew how to smoke and knew how to have fun, I truly didn’t know what I was expecting, and if you wanted to get an experience I did, you should do the same thing. Don’t expect anything, and that is the experience I promise you will get. Oh boy does she have a lot, a lot, a lot of skills.
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 8 of 10
Performance 9 of 10
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