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Mimi's Review 2
2 reviews
Date of visit 24 Mar 2017
Time of visit 01:20 PM
Duration of visit 2 Hours
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
Reviewer jason
Comment She’s a young blonde with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal, who knows to live life to the fullest. She’s like a breath of fresh air, wherever she makes an entry. She’s a burst of laughter too, as you’ll not stop laughing ever in her company. I really had a jolly good time with her and she was the perfect company that I dreamt of.
20 yrs
Marylebone NW1
34A Bust size
Eastern European
Young Petite French Kissing
Mimi's Review 1
Date of visit 27 Sep 2016 Review by: Steve
Time of visit 08:30 PM I won the competition and decided to meet Mimi. Very sweet petite girl who is willing to please. She said I was the first guy she met who was clean, trimmed and smelt good. I could see the relief in her eyes when I treated her kindly and gave her as mush pleasure as I had. We both had a very good time. Guys if you go to meet her at please clean up a bit and treat her well, she will look after you.
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 7 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
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