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Enya's Review 1
1 review
Date of visit 15 Feb 2019
Time of visit 06:00 PM
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 10 of 10
Performance 10 of 10
Reviewer largo31
Comment There was a pleasing and exuberant quality to Enya’s personality, it was as if I was meeting with a friend, a friend with benefits that is. She kept a natural flow of sexy conversation going during our meetup. She was never overly enthusiastic during the massage, which for some becomes cumbersome. I like my girls to keep a steady flow, it fires me up for the finale. Enya’s gorgeous hair was also one of the plus points, I grabbed on to it every now and then to make her focus one spot. I especially enjoyed her petite body, which was well endowed with curvaceous hips and a busty bosom.
23 yrs
Baker Street NW1
(Busty) 32D Bust size
Eastern European
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