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Maruska's Review 1
1 review
Date of visit 05 Nov 2018
Time of visit 08:00 PM
Duration of visit 1.5 Hours
Looks 8 of 10
Performance 9 of 10
Reviewer Chris32
Comment So how should I put this....... her skills are amazing, for sure...... but..... she doesn’t have a description of what she can do, so I had gone in blind. Not exactly impressed with that, but impressed with the couples experience we had. Didn’t have sex, just a simple dinner, and a bit of kissing. But...... well it was weird for this site, honestly speaking. Not saying the woman isn’t beautiful, she is sexy as hell, I just wished she had sex that evening and we just didn’t have a nice dinner and some heated kisses.
25 yrs
Earls Court SW5
32B Bust size
Eastern European
Petite Slim Bisexual